Moving FAQs

What size move can you accommodate?

Moving companies we would recommend can handle apartments to multi-room homes.

What geographical area do you service? Do you provide long-distance moves?

We are primarily focused on Lake County and Cook County Illinois.  If a long-distance move is required we can coordinate the logistics. We will work with a Senior Move Manager in your new location to manage unpacking and resettling.

How does your move scheduling work?

Our team of Specialists will coordinate with your mover, so we will know when they are arriving to pack your belongings. The morning move starts around 8am or 9am and ends when the last item in the truck is delivered to the new address.

Do you move pianos and other large items?

Absolutely! This type of item is considered a specialty item typically associated with high value or a complicated move process. We will work specifically with a moving company specializing in this type of item to ensure safe delivery.