Packing FAQs

Who does the packing?

Our team of trained Specialists will handle the packing working with you. We will pack all belongings securely to prevent damage or breakage.

What materials do I need for packing?

Nothing, we provide the boxes, tape and packing supplies eliminating the hassle of trying to find enough boxes and supplies.

Is there a charge for boxes?

Yes, the movers charge for boxes.

When do you start packing?

Based on the size of the move, we generally begin packing 1-2 days prior to move day.

How do you keep everything organized?

Each box is labelled indicating the room in which it belongs.

How are glasses and dishes packed?

We follow industry practices appropriately wrapping dishes, glasses and stemware. Dishes and glasses are wrapped in packing paper and placed in boxes vertically. Stemware is wrapped and placed in boxes stem up.

Will my dresses or suits be put in box?

These items will go in a box, however, it is a special box for dresses and suits. These items are hung in a wardrobe box that is taller than a traditional box and helps prevent wrinkling.