Our straightforward approach


We meet with you – at no cost - in your home. Our objective is to get to know you. By the end of this initial meeting we will have a clear understanding of your priorities, concerns and expectations. Also, you will learn about us, have a clear understanding of our services, costs and how we can help.

Timeline and unique requirements
Throughout the process we communicate with you, so we can develop a well-defined timeline around your moving date. We also will be certain to keep your personal and unique requirements top of mind.

Room design and layout
Using room design software, we develop a three-dimensional room layout of your new residence. This helps both of us understand where your furniture, television, art, pictures and other interior pieces will be placed. It also helps us determine the furniture and other pieces that won’t fit so we can work together on the disposition of those items. Our plan is to create a room layout that is comfortable, safe and meets with your approval.

Sorting and organizing
With care and direction, we separate items and designate them for moving, selling, gifting, shipping, donating, appraising or liquidating.

Planning details
Once your moving date and move requirements are confirmed, the most suitable, vetted mover is recommended for your approval. An estimate from the mover will be provided. At this time, utilities, the post office, and other service providers are notified of your upcoming change of address.